Apply to Coach


To ensure the integrity of our ‘Rugby League Excellence Program’, a rigorous Coach recruitment, application, screening & appointment process is undertaken…

Prospective Mako Coaches must first complete an application form (See below) detailing their qualifications, experience, year level preferences, level of commitment and more.

He/she must also sign off on the Program’s ‘Coaching Culture’ document, the ‘Mako Coaching Syllabus’, and also state a willingness to undertake any tasks deemed necessary by Program Directors throughout the season.

Completed applications are then submitted to the ‘Director of Coaching’ who makes a recommendation to the Head of Department (HPE), on final appointments.


Successful applicants are matched with a Year Level team appropriate to their level of competence (i.e. qualifications, experience, previous results with a particular age group, etc.).  Of course, Year Level preferences are also a consideration.

The Makos ‘Coaching Qualifications Matrix’ outlines the compulsory and desired qualifications for coaching each Year Level.  It is possible that an applicant will be appointed whom does not yet meet these requirements, provided he or she agrees to attend an appropriate training course/s prior to the season commencing.

Mako Coaches are expected to maintain or improve their current NCAS accreditation and to seek continual improvement through performance appraisal and ongoing coach education.

On social media, the ‘Makos Coaching and Development’ Facebook page provides an abundance of fantastic resources for our Coaches (e.g. YouTube links, articles, drills, etc.) aimed at improving coach education.  Many courses (e.g. Mod/International Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, First Aid, etc.) are advertised on this page also.

To download a Coach Application form, click HERE.