Coaching Staff

[ Winning culture grows from within.  It’s like a fire — igniting through the inspiration of a high quality coach, then spreading to the captain and leadership group, and finally to each individual in the team… ]

On one hand, our Mako Coaches drive the culture of our Program from a tactical and technical perspective on the field.

It is our role to build and sustain a winning culture through superior tactical and technical skills and the ability to see tomorrow today (i.e. to help our players and teams accelerate their rate of learning and change and gain a winning advantage over others in QSSRL).

We are innovative, motivated, thorough and competitive, while never losing sight of our School’s motto — Dare to Succeed”.

On the other boot, Mako Coaches also drive the culture of our playing group off the field.

It is our job to sustain a positive culture in all our interactions with players, parents, officials and the community; knowing that everything we say and do as teachers in the classroom and on the playing field contributes to our perception as Coaches; as a Group; as a Program.

We are kind, well mannered and thoughtful people; we are committed Departmental employees who go beyond the call of duty to support the students in our care into fine upstanding young men.

Our Coaches

For 30 years, the ‘Makos Coaching Excellence Team’ has offered students at our school, our athletes, first-class Rugby League coaching and support, as well as a wealth of professional knowledge and experience working within talent development.

We have the perfect skillset and industry specific expertise to ensure that you improve as a Rugby League player during your time with us.

Each individual team across the year levels has a select group of staff designed to improve them as athletes, including a head coach, assistant coach, strength and conditioning coach, league safe and team manager.

We also invite guest coaches from outside our school system whom might specialize in a certain area, to work with students.

Such is the expertise of our coaching staff and their commitment to professional development that a number of past Marsden Coaches, such as Joe O’Callaghan with the Northern Pride (Pictured right) and Grant Stephenson with Australian Universities (Pictured above left) have gone on to establish themselves at higher levels of competition.

No doubt this will continue to occur in the future as our Program attracts the best possible coaches whom are determined to make a difference with the players in the care.

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