Mako Gymnasium

Our Marsden State High School (M.S.H.S.) gymnasium is open before, during and after school hours for students enrolled in Rugby League and other sports excellence programs.

This hard-core facility, nicknamed the ‘House of Pain’, contains a wide variety of gym equipment such as free weights (e.g. barbells, dumbbells, and weight plates), flat and incline benches, medicine and stability balls, dipping and chin up bars, squat rack, rowers, exercise bikes, a lat pull down machine, skipping ropes, balance boards, and so much more, to challenge each and every student athlete in our Program.

Photographs of Marsden’s Program Graduates — those students whom have kicked on to NRL Club level — adorn a wall to inspire and show current students what unwavering ‘Pride, Passion & Persistence’ can achieve.

Our gymnasium is managed by our League Program’s Strength & Conditioner, Cavell Brewer Charles, whom has students working on individualised training programs matched to their age and physical attributes, as well as the demands of their respective playing position.

To achieve the desired training workload, most year level teams complete up to 2 gym sessions per week, on top of their field session work.

Our gym received an upgrade in 2015 which saw toilets, air conditioning, fans and change room facilities added.