Apply for a Scholarship


Our ‘Rugby League Scholarships Program’ is in place to assist outstanding student athletes balance their studies with the demands of elite schoolboy level rugby league and to assist emerging student athletes with financial and other support with respect to competition and training fees, health, mental health and fitness, travel, Makos representation and more.

Three scholarships types are offered in our rugby league program, through partnership with the Brisbane Broncos (NRL), Souths Logan Magpies (QLD State League), Struddies Sports, Mates Talk Change (#MTC) Program and others.


All scholarship holders are required to attend a meeting with Program Directors at the end of the year.  Scholarships will be rolled over for the following year if eligibility criteria are met.


Students on Scholarships have explicit responsibilities within the ‘Rugby League Excellence Program’ in regards to attendance, uniform, commitment, behaviour, etc.

If these responsibilities are not met then a student may have his scholarship placed on hold until such time that his attitude improves.


All scholarship holders are subject to the same ‘Stages of Removal’ process as other Sports Excellence students.  In the event that a scholarship holder is removed from the Program then his benefits will cease immediately.


To apply for a rugby league scholarship at Marsden State High School, please follow the following steps…

  1. View the 3 levels of scholarships available and the eligibility criteria for each by clicking on the relevant link
  2. Download the Scholarship Application form HERE.
  3. Submit the form with relevant documents (See requirements on form) to our School’s front office.