Our Excellence Program

Our Marsden State High School (M.S.H.S.) ‘Rugby League Excellence Program’ represents the ultimate opportunity for aspiring schoolboy rugby league players in Australia.

For more than 30 years, our incredible Program has created awesome opportunities for young men to develop their skills and knowledge of the ‘Greatest Game of All’ to the highest of levels.  All this whilst wearing the famous Makos jersey, under the guidance of a quality Coaching Staff, with quality facilities, within a quality academic and sports excellence framework.

Hot on the heels of ex-Marsden Makos and National Rugby League (NRL) stars Israel Falau, Chris Sandow (Pictured left), Antonio Winterstein, Scott Logan, Cameron Smith and many others whom have kicked on to distinguished rugby league careers, our students have access to a first-class rugby league curriculum through a structured, sports specific subject; one which incorporates practical components, theory, elite competition and more.

In addition to generous support from Subway, Bendigo Bank, Struddys Sports and InSports Logan (See ‘Official Program Partners’ below), our famous program is backed by the Brisbane Broncos (NRL) and Souths Logan (Queensland Cup) rugby league clubs who provide coaching workshops for staff and students, financial/scholarship support, player mentoring opportunities and other benefits.

Not only does this relationship consolidate the exceptional work done by our ‘Coach Excellence Team’ but it also opens doors for our students whom might catch the eye of a visiting Brisbane Broncos talent scout and/or pick up a Broncos or Souths Logan contract.

Our elite Program supports students to achieve academically using the medium of Rugby League to create a positive learning environment in the school.

It is also designed to increase motivation, participation and attendance in other learning areas, as well as develop socially responsible individuals.

Our students are instilled with the discipline and work ethic required to succeed at the highest level of rugby league in their age group as well as in other areas of their lives.

[ These feats are achieved through a committed coaching team who drive our core values; beliefs which underpin everything we do and contribute to our standing as one of the hardest working teams in schoolboy rugby league ].

Off Field Benefits & Effects on School Culture

Our Marsden State High School ‘Rugby League Excellence Program’ demonstrates a value driven philosophy which focuses on academic and behaviour data, in addition to rugby league performance, in a holistic approach to student growth and development.  

We aim to develop athletes whom are motivated, disciplined, knowledgeable and whom are physically and mentally prepared for high level Rugby League.

What’s more, through our media acclaimed Mates Talk Change Program’ (#MTC), Marsden league players are better supported with the mental demands of being a promising young sportsperson than any other school in the country.

This support ensures our students have the best possible opportunity for growth — to continue their involvement in the ‘Excellence Program’ in later years and develop into the best possible rugby league players they can be.

Official Program Partners