Mates Talk Change (#MTC)

Mates Talk Change (#MTC) is a unique mental health program developed by our squad at Marsden State High School to encourage players/ students and staff to talk through the pressures they feel on and off the field.

Mates Talk Change (#MTC) is is a culture teaching young people to talk to each other and check on each other.  It is about teaching our kids that it’s not weak to speak out and ask for help and that with good mental health strategies, a strong positive mind can make a positive change.

Mates Talk Change (#MTC) was created in 2015 by nine senior students with the support of their teacher, Megan Mulcahy (Pictured below).  Essentially, it was born out of a desire and need to impact positively on students’ mental health.

Mates Talk Change (#MTC) promotes a range of positive coping mechanisms/strategies to promote good mental health to students.

The program started with our ‘Rugby League Excellence’ students but now impacts on the whole Marsden SHS community and beyond through sharing of the concept to other primary and secondary schools.

Mates Talk Change (#MTC) aims to create awareness, educate and promote a culture of communication about good mental health to all young people.

The #MTC program links to our school values of ‘Passion, Pride and Persistence’ by using students passion for sports to impact on their mental health.

MTCWhen you have good mental health you are able to…

When you have good mental health your…

For more information on the success of our MTC Program in the Logan community, please see:

Our Open Arrive Alive, GIO Cup, Yr 10 Walters Cup, #MTC Leaders & all Rugby League and Touch Football Coaches have received their #MTC Game day polo shirts due to the generous sponsorship of Broncos Head Coach Wayne Bennett & Rick Hobbs at QFORD.

A HUGE thanks to Wayne and Rick & the team at QFORD for their awesome support!