Student v Staff Matches

Once a semester, our Marsden State High Rugby League Coaching Team – together with a few staff ring-ins from other faculties – go head to head with our arch enemies (i.e. the students) in a game of Oz Tag.

While the Staff Team is a mixture of young and old, magic and tragic, ladies and men with a variety of catch, pass skill and thrill sets, the Students team is made up of representatives from each of the Year Level teams; a combination of slickness and speed, lairism and cockiness.  

Selections, here, are based on the student’s academic results and behaviour with participation in the match regarded as a reward for ‘EXCELLENCE’.

This highly competitive match is played over 1 of the lunch breaks and always attracts a boisterous crowd of fellow student and staff onlookers, eager to see the Students inflict some scoreboard pain on their teachers and vice-versa for the Staff who ‘don’t hold back!’

The match always goes down to the wire but fortunately the Staff have held the upper hand in past seasons, getting away with the contests thanks to some dubious refereeing decisions!