Mako Beach Bash

The Marsden State High School (M.S.H.S.)  ‘Mako Beach Bash’ in Term 1 is one of the most exciting program events on our annual rugby league program calendar.

Centring on the picturesque beach at Currumbin over 2 school days, under the watchful eye of M.S.H.S. Coaches and guest presenters, young Makos are put through a gruelling training regime.

No less than FIVE rotations incorporate rugby league core skills (e.g. Catch, carry, pass, decision making, tackling, etc.) strength and conditioning elements, and team building exercises/ discussions delivered by Mates Talk Change (#MTC) student leaders.


The aim of the ‘Mako Beach Bash’ is to provide an ultra-challenging and unique pre-season training and team bonding experience for our Broncos Cup Squad players in the Junior and Senior Schools, while promoting our School’s and Excellence Program’s core values of:

Through these exceptional experiences, players are challenged both mentally and physically, to prepare them, not just for the upcoming schoolboy rugby league season, but also for the rigors of classroom academic achievement.

It’s also an awesome way to start the year!