Perfect Preps…a ‘Footy Bag’

March 21, 2018


For any Marsden Leaguie, to maximize performance on game day + at training, thorough preps are vital.

Part of that essential process is the possession and up-keep of a well-stocked ‘footy-bag’; one that can be taken to and from the venue…a bag with everything you might need to ensure you’re ready for footy action!

The following items would form part of an ideal ‘footy bag’ (or back-pack) for any player in our school’s Rugby League Excellence Program

Picture14444The Essentials…

  • Mouth-guard —  to prevent injuries to the teeth, lips, cheeks, tongue and jaw
  • Water bottle / Sports drink — for hydration
  • Electrical tape — For socks and boots
  • Post-Game/Training Snack — Protein shake/bar, banana, muesli bar, nuts and dried fruits
  • Sun cream — Slip, slop, slap — the days of training or playing without applying sunscreen are long gone. Get it on you.
  • A Foam Roller — For stretching fascia which inhibits movement and mobility, agility and speed.
  • triggerpoint-grid-foam-rollerA Trigger Ball — For loosening up deep knots in glutes, hip flexors, pecs and traps where the foam roller cannot get into.  (Note: Knots inhibit mobility and increase the likelihood of injury)
  • A Power Band — For shoulder mobility, dynamic and static stretching.
  • Towel — To wipe down sweat before and after games and at half time
  • School/Club Cap — For sun protection during warm-ups, before and after games

30157The Optionals

  • Head gear, shoulder pads — Remember — If you wear it in a game then you should wear it at training too.
  • Spare socks/shorts/training shirt — You might forget something or be able to help out a ‘forgetful’ team mate
  • Deep heat gel — For personal application to troublesome muscles (if pain persists see a Dr/Physio)
  • Band aids — For little nicks and abrasions after a game.

Fat-SharkAgain, preparing for competition, whether it be a training session or for match day, is essential.

A well-stocked ‘footy bag’, in combination with a good night’s sleep, a well hydrated and fueled body and a typical Mako attitude, will ensure you’re well on the way to performing to the best of your ability.


For more information on the Rugby League Excellence Program at Marsden State High School, please call Matt Hartigan on 0401 652 331.