*TALLEBUDGERA TRIP* NEW Mako Song, Hill Runs & more!

February 7, 2018


069Members of the Marsden State High School senior rugby league squad travelled to Tallebudgera Beach today to engage in an array of team building, skill and fitness activities in preps for the 2018 Schoolboy RL season. 

But there was something even MORE important on the cards for our young Mako men…

099With the emphasis of the day being on ‘competing’, a challenging 3km run up and around Burleigh Headland, speed work on the beach, wrestling in the sand and two handed touch were just a snippet of activities the group were challenged with.


048In a positive sign of the depth of talent and commitment that currently exists at our school, the boys performed exceptionally well in very beautiful conditions on the Gold Coast.

052One of the main objectives AND highlights of the day, however, was learning the new Team Song.

This year we launch into a brilliant new song, ingrained with traditional Marsden symbolism, and the Mako Opens Squad were introduced to the lyrics today in stunning coastal surroundings. 

This catchy new dressing shed tune will be sung by all Marsden teams after a victory in 2018!


056In typical Marsden spirit, the enthusiasm on display during the learning phase of the song, and with League Excellence Coordinator Matt Hartigan leading the ‘choir’, was something the coaching team will never forget!

Check out the thumping NEW song + other cool ‘clips’ of the Tallebudgera Trip below…