*DUE NOW* Rugby League Excellence Contracts

January 24, 2018

Take note parents of students accepted in the Rugby League Excellence program for 2018!!!!!!!!

Marsden State High School Player Contracts must be signed and returned directly to your Coach by Friday Week 2, Term 1.

great-white-shark-clipart-fast-animal-11These contracts are a formal agreement between school and student to uphold the standards of excellence in the various Excellence Programs.

dmwmThey include an undertaking to:

  • Maintain an attendance rate of 92% or above.
  • Engage actively in ALL subject areas (Satisfactory or better in effort & behaviour).
  • Wear the full Sports Excellence uniform with pride
  • Achieve a Satisfactory or higher in Rugby League
  • Attend ALL Rugby League Excellence events and training sessions.

Year 11 and 12 students must also be on track with their schooling to participate in extracurricular activities.


If contracts have not been signed and returned by Friday Week 2, students risk being removed from their chosen program until such time that the Contract has been received.

Copies of these contracts will be given back to students to be put in the front of their binder as a visual reminder of the high standards expected as a rugby league excellence student at MSHS.

The expectation is that the Contract stays there for the whole of 2018 to be referenced to.

Please note that all excellence students only have to sign one contract in 2018.

If you are across multiple excellence programs this contract will apply to all. 

downloadFor more information on the the standards of excellence required to be a student in the M.S.H.S. Rugby League program, or, the student contracts required by Friday Week 2, please contact our RL Excellence Coordinator Matthew Hartigan on 0401 652 331.